Why We Need Producers

How many times have we heard about the photo or video, that happened because somebody got lucky and was at the right place at the right time?

Sadly, this is not what usually happens in the real world, and definitely not in the world of advertising and marketing. There is too much at stake to leave it up to lady luck to provide the perfect location, the perfect props and the perfect conditions, all at the same time. Not to mention the cost of having a whole production crew on-site waiting for the perfect series of events to happen simultaneously. This is why we need producers, to make it all happen on time and to the clients satisfaction.

There are occasions when we’ve had to wait for the wind to die down, or a passing cloud or rain storm to blow over, but with the proper planning we reduce the possibility of not getting the images the client wants. Did I mention that on most shoots of this proportion, somebody representing the client is generally looking over our shoulder and approving, or not, what we are doing. The pressure to perform are enormous, but the satisfaction of getting the shot are equally as rewarding.

(You might have noticed that the producer isn’t present in any of the photos = he was already on to the next location making it happen)

Travel Alberta – Fairmont Jasper Park Lodge

This is what we went through to get this series of photos and video footage.

Our beloved Creative Director leading us into battle!

(He did get his feet wet.)

Our production crew working to make the shoot happen. They are an invaluable asset on any set, and the real reason that we get the job done.

(We were very lucky to have a creative director who wasn’t afraid to lend a hand too)

Don’t do this at home!  Sometimes getting the job done required a few risks, but we always made safety a piority, although I often wondered if it was the equipment that was really the concern, and not the people involved.

The Balancing Act!

A few other images from the shoot.