Broncs, Buckaroos and Britches

Yup, it’s rodeo time and there ain’t no better place than in Alberta. We got the Calgary Stampede, Ponoka Stampede, Stoney Lake, Medicine Lodge, Canadian Finals, well, you get the picture. Just about every community in Alberta hosts some sort of rodeo and it seems like every backyard in rural Alberta has a horse or two keeping the grass cut.

To be honest, some of the best rodeo events are in the smaller communities, you can get up close and personal with the cowboys, cowgirls and if you  don’t keep your head about you, a close encounter of the bull kind. There’s nothing like a 500kg mad bull or bucking horse to wake you up. Watching these cowgirls and cowboys ride through the corral, or hang on for dear life makes you wonder what their mothers are thinking. Well, one of the mothers put it quite simply, ‘it’s in our blood, we’ve been doing it for generations’. My silent reply to that was to thank my parents for buying me a bike.


Happy Trails!