There are some things we haven’t done yet, and possibly will never do, but we have traveled and seen more than our fair share of this planet and its inhabitants. We love to share these experiences and stories with our still and moving images, and possibly inspire others to look at our world a little differently.

We can’t imagine what this world would be like without some means of capturing the moment and sharing it with others. Thank you George Eastman and all the other early pioneers of photography and film, for following your vision and dreams!

We also followed our vision and dreams and created LiteBox. Born from a partnership of two people who have a passion to help others realize their dreams through images, visual stories, and great marketing. We have a lot of people to thank for our success, and we are always grateful to them.  We haven’t re-invented the wheel, but we have built a business that will make the wheel turn a little smoother and faster.

Are we special, are we unique, probably not, but we do believe in building trust and relationships with our clients that ultimately will make both our lives easier. We believe that teamwork and collaboration produce the best solutions, and that success brings a social responsibility to our community. We love to share our professional experience and see others get excited about capturing the moment. So, lets be friends!

Main Street, Blackie, AB   Abandoned, Personal Project

Litebox has gone through a few name changes over the years, but we will always strive to maintain the same professionalism and quality that we have always been  known for.

In its infancy, Litebox was a commercial photo studio, providing clients with professional photography services, and through the years we  expanded our services to include video, design and other production services. 

Our work has taken us overseas, on the seas, and everywhere in between. We’ve stood at the North Pole, hung out of helicopters, climbed mountains and skied down a few too, and prepped and cleaned the boardroom for the management team photos. We love what we do and we believe it shows in the work we produce for customers.  

With over two decades of assignment work in the photo and film industries, Doran Clark has a wealth of experience to bring to the table with any project. Added to this, is his knowledge and training in marketing, advertising, web and graphic design, printing, computer hardware and software, and social media integration. Working with representatives from all the major industries in Canada and abroad, he is no stranger to the unique obstacles and hazards  that some assignment locations pose. He  has a formal education in engineering, business, and film / photo technology, which brings a unique perspective on project planning.


Complimenting Dorans skills and adding  value to the planning and implementation of any project is the other half of the LiteBox team. Cynthia Clark brings her experience and knowledge with communications and marketing to any project that we are tasked with.  Two decades of work experience and a formal education in marketing and communications, are some of the highlights of Cynthia’s resume, and certainly a welcome addition to getting the job done.



Deanz Garage – Vulcan Corner, AB   Abandoned, Personal Project



We’ve been doing this for quite some time and love what we do. We think our clients also love what we provide them, because they keep coming back to us with requests to provide them with great visual solutions for their projects.

We’ve worked on campaigns for public offices and the private sector that span tourism, health, education, technology, construction and a few others,   Simply said, there’s not much that we haven’t done, and no matter what the challenge we will always provide a superior product.   

For new and existing customers, we promise to deliver a product that meets or exceeds your expectations, with the highest level of professionalism, on time, and within budget. 

Running short of ideas, manpower and time, we will always help you out of a tight spot. We are approachable, understanding and open to suggestions. We might have a few of our own suggestions to trim the budget, shorten the timeline, and provide more bang for the buck!

For certain industries we can provide some very attractive package pricing that will certainly fit within budgets and timelines. Please contact us for more information regarding this.

Photo & Video Services

  • Industrial & corporate 
  • Architectural  – commercial & residential construction – home sales – real estate
  • Product & food advertising and marketing
  • Drone & aerial photo and video
  • Personal branding – portraits & resume videos that tell your story

Print & Web Design

  • Print ads, cards, brochures, banners, posters and reports
  • Web sites, blog pages, and email newsletters

Post Production Services

  • Video editing, slideshows, podcasts and powerpoint presentations
  • Photo retouching & restorations
  • Social Networking site integration – Youtube, Vimeo, Facebook, etc.

Marketing & Advertising 

  • For businesses that provide a product or service we have years of experience developing marketing solutions that get attention from the right audience.
  • If you are an artist or musician wanting to highlight your skills and talents we can provide social networking solutions that get you noticed.
  • Quite often it’s not what you are selling, but how you are selling, and we can provide you with some insight that will get you onto the right track.


We really love what we do and we also love sharing this passion with others. We want to get other people inspired and excited about capturing a moment in their life that they can share with others. Please check out our Litebox Live link on our home page for more details about the various workshops that we offer. Join us and let’s be friends!

We believe in providing our customers solutions to all their visual requirements. Combining our photo, video, design and editing services, we can produce anything from a simple promotional piece to a full blown ad campaign, on paper or digital, often both.


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