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Here are a few examples from past projects, places we’ve traveled to and people we have met. More to come!

Sunwapta Pass – Columbia Icefields

No trip between Banff and Jasper, Alberta is complete without stopping at the Columbia Icefields. It is the largest ice field in North America outside of the polar regions, and lies along the continental divide, meaning that runoff water runs both east and west from this point. In this case, meltwater from the Columbia Icefields actually runs in three directions, east, west and south.

Driving north from Lake Louise, look for the exit to the right onto highway 93 to Jasper. From Lake Louise to Jasper at the north end, is a three hour drive not counting stops, and there will be a lot of them. The drive between these two mountain communities is ranked in the top ten drives in the world. Make sure you have a camera on hand and some time. You will definitely want to stop at the Icefields Interpretive Centre which lies in Sunwapta Pass, the highest point on the highway. Allow time for a snowcat trip onto the Athabasca Glacier, part of the Columbia Icefield, and venture out onto a glass bottom suspended walkway, 300 metres above Sunwapta Pass. 

Upper Sheep River Valley

West of Turner Valley A little known valley just a short drive from Calgary, the Upper Sheep River valley offers a gorgeous palette of fall colors from mid September to early October. Drive to Turner Valley, and once in town, look for signs directing you west of town on highway #546, better known to the locals as, Sheep River Road.



Lilydale Factory Floor

This project wasn’t about the process of where we get our eggs and chickens from, but more about the people who work tirelessly behind the scenes to provide us with things that we take for granted. It’s a thankless job, and we were so impressed and humbled by their spirit that it left a lasting impression on us. We were reminded to always be thankful for what we have, and not what we want.


St. Stephens Church, West of Cardston

One of the oldest churches in Alberta. South of Cardston on hwy#2, west on township road 21A .


Head Smashed In Buffalo Jump. Fort MacLeod

One of several Unesco World Heritage sites in Alberta. A unique museum built into the cliffs on the south eastern tip of the Porcupine Hills in Southern Alberta. Each May, the First Nations people of the area celebrate their heritage with visitors who come from all over the world to share in this very unique opportunity, in a spectacular location. Just north of Ft. MacLeod on highway#2, then west on secondary highway#785.


Head Smashed In #2

Hell’s Gate. Grande Cache

Situated at the confluence of the Sulphur and Smoky Rivers, Hell’s Gate is aptly named for the rock cliffs that seem to form an opening into another world. The short hike to the top of the cliffs overlooking the two rivers is well worth the effort. From Hinton, on highway #16, take highway #40 north to Grande Cache. Once through the community and across the Smoky River, look for the Sulphur Gate Road that turns west.


Castle Rock Wind Turbine Project, Pincher Creek

Anybody traveling in SW Alberta over the last several years will definitely notice an addition to the landscape – wind turbines. The predictable westerly winds in Southern Alberta have attracted the wind generation industry, and the newest project is the Castle Rock Wind Turbine farm. Perched on top of a hill just north of Pincher Station, along highway #3, not only provides an excellent location for wind, but also a wonderful vantage point visually.






Tangle Falls, Icefields Parkway

Highway #93 Tangle Falls is a must see for those of you traveling the spectacular Icefields Parkway between Banff and Jasper. Located just a few minutes drive north of the Columbia Icefields Centre, and across the road from Brewsters newest attraction – Glacier Walk, Tangle Falls is just a short hike from the highway, and well worth the effort.


Cameron Lake. Waterton Lakes National Park

Sitting on the Canada – US border, Cameron Lake is a hidden gem in one of Canada’s lesser known national parks. The drive to the lake is always an adventure, with one of Canada’s highest densities of bears, visitors are almost guaranteed a view of a furry friend. Planning a hike beside the lake, bring a bear bell! From the Waterton townsite entrance, look for the highway #13 exit to Cameron Lake.


Mt. Norquay Meadows, Banff National Park

Looking for a great view of the Banff townsite? Venture across highway #1 and up the Mt. Norquay Ski Resort road. Take your time and stop at several of the viewpoints, and in particular, look for the stop that has a stone wall adjacent to the parking area. There are short walks to great viewing areas, open meadows, often with sheep, and great kite flying opportunities on a windy day.


Writing On Stone Provincial Park. Milk River

Straddling the Milk River in Southern Alberta, the park contains the largest collection of aboriginal rock carvings and paintings in North America. The strange landscape is a result of the erosion of sandstone deposits common in the area, and the biodiversity inherent with the prairie environment. Take highway #4 south of Lethbridge, turn east at the community of Milk River on highway #501. Look for the park exit to the right.


milk river#3

milk river#2


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